Frequently Asked Questions

Not able to know from where the tablet gets on?

Press and hold the POWER button for 4-5secs after assuring the Tablet is ON.

How do I set up a Wi-Fi connection, manage, & troubleshoot on my XElectron tablet?​

Go to the Settings option.
Turn ON Wi-Fi.
The Tablet scans for available Wi-Fi networks.
Select the Network you wish to connect.
Selecting a network will ask for its password to connect.
Go to the input box and enter password.
After entering, press the DONE tab.

How to connect your GSM Dongle (As per List) to XElectron Tablet ?​​

Step 1 – Connect the dongle through Device USB port
Step 2 – Go to “Settings”
Step 3 – Select “Wireless & networks”
Step 4 – Select “Mobile Network”
Step 5 – Select “Access Point Names”
Step 6 – Select “Menu” from top of the screen
Step 7 – Select “New APN” at the bottom of the screen
Step 8 – Enter Name & APN of your respective Service Provider
Step 9 – Save the settings by selecting “menu” from the top of screen.

Not able to detect the SIM after inserting it?​

Switch off the tablet first and then insert any GSM SIM and switch on the tablet it will automatically Detect the network.

How to do Restore Factory Settings?​

Goto the menu bar
Click the setting icon
Select the privacy icon/bac and then there are three options
Back up my data
Automatic Restore
Factory data reset
Select “Factory Data Reset” icon.
Select “Reset Device”.
Select “Erase Everything”.

How to Install Applications from the Android market?​

Select the apps icon
Select the play store or market icon
For first time you’ll be asked for Google account then select the next button.
Sing in if you have any else create a new account.
Type in your username and password.
Mark in the box if you wish to back up your tabs settings with account else leave it unmark, and then select next.
After account has finished sync, press ‘finish setup’ button.
Press on accept tab.
Finally market screen appears with option categories.
Select a category
Touch on search icon
Tap inside the box to bring onscreen keyboard.
Type the app you want to download.
Select go.
List of results for your query appears.
Select application of your choice.
Touch on install option.
Accept the permissions and select ok.
Downloading and installation starts.

Can we use any 3G Dongle or TATA photon, Reliance netconnect, Idea netsetter or MTS Mblaze?​​

You can not connect above mentioned device for Internet Surfing (For WIN OS). For Android based Tablet PC, you can use respective 3G Dongles as mentioend on the products page.

How to play the songs and video?​

Customer can go to media player and play the desired audio and video.
Customer has to go to media player.–>File–>open–>browse–> Select

How to connect the printer or any other device like mobile with Tablet PC?​

You can not connect printer, mobile or any other device.

How to install any software or antivirus?​​

You can install the antivirus & other softwares through android market in Android Tablet .

Can we connect USB mouse / USB Keyboard?​

You can connect USB mouse and USB keyboard.
Switch off the tablet first and then insert keyboard and mouse and switch on the tablet, it will automatically Detected .

Can we connect Screen projector to it?​

You can not connect the projector or TV or monitor with the Tablet PC.

How can we use Office files like Word, Excel , PowerPoint?​​

You can use Documents to GO or Office suite Pro application. You can also download any application from Android Market
with Internet connection which allows you to use office files.

How to download Games and how can to play the Games?​

You can use inbuilt Games or you can download compatible Games from Android Market using Internet connection.

Can we attach USB HARD DISK to the Tablet?​

No, USB HARD DISK can not be attached to the TABLET.