Advanced Money Counting Machine With Fake Currency Detector


An advanced currency counting device, this advanced money counting machine with fake currency detector from the house of XElectron has a multi batch mode. XElectron XE-MC-1000 Money Counting Machine automatically starts when notes are fed into the feeder.

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It stops automatically too when no notes are detected or not in use. Fake notes, broken notes and suspected notes are easily detected by it. The batching facility makes it ideal to make payments and prepare bundles of loose notes. The error codes are understandable and help in making decisions faster. It is hundred percent safe for use and makes the process simpler and quicker.

Design and Display

Being compact, XElectron XE-MC-1000 Money Counting Machine is very easy to carry and handle without any difficulty. It is designed for easy maintenance free operation. As it is compact in size, it can be stored easily. It does not require heavy maintenance or periodic service. It also comes with an LED display making it highly convenient to get your money counted without hassle. With a speed of 1000 notes per minute, this money counting machine from XElectron will let you deal with large bundles of money taking no time. It has a paper capacity of 300 notes and a stack capacity of 200 notes. XElectron XE-MC-1000 Money Counting Machine does not burn a hole in your wallet as it consumes 60W only. It weighs 5.2 kg and can be carried from one place to another effortlessly.


The ultraviolet and magnetic detection technology helps detect fake notes right on the counter to avoid further embarrassment or confusion. Manual counting consumes more of your work time, whereas this smart counter helps you to save on time and that too without errors. The functions are easy to understand and the interface is user friendly. It greatly helps in saving you time and labour.


  • Counting Speed: 1000 notes/minute
  • Display type: LED 8-8 segment display and separate extension display
  • Counting Display: 1 – 999
  • Preset Batches: 1 – 999
  • Control panel: Micro touch switches
  • Hopper Capacity: 15 mm
  • Stacker Capacity: 30 mm
  • Power Supply: AC 220V (1±10) %, 50Hz
  • Power consumption: 60W

Main Feature

  • Count Speed
  • 1000 notes/min
  • Power Supply 
  • AC 220V (1±10) %, 50Hz Power Supply, 60W Power
  • Display Type
  • LED 8-8 Segment Display and Separate Extension Display
  • Detection
  • Ultraviolet (UV) and Magnetic (MG) Detection, Automatic Narrow-Note, Broken-Note, Detection
  • Count Range
  • Up to 999 Notes

Package includes: Money counting machine, adapter, Extra display, Brush & Manual.