About Us

We understand the pulse of the consumer and hence constantly invest into strengthening the product portfolio though R&D and innovative marketing strategies.

Our product portfolio embraces more than 110 models today, ranging from feature rich, Smart watch phones with all advance sensors, a range of digital photo frames with motion sensor and  IPS display technology, Projectors, from basic to higher lumens, higher resolution Smart Android projectors. We also lay special focus on the products to enhance the customer’s overall experience with the device. Most of our products come with innovative packaging and bundled accessories.

XElectron, is the fastest growing Electronics & Telecommunication brand in India (According to BestPriceCafe Pvt Ltd). Our brand is reaching out to all corners of India with innovative products that challenge the status quo that Innovation comes with a price. With an in-depth understanding of rapidly changing consumer preferences coupled with the use of advanced technologies, XElectron has been able to differentiate itself from the competitors through innovation and design.

Basics of XElectron

Our Vision

To create unique products and to keep their pricing within reach to most of the consumers. To emerge technology and its usage to human life at a new level. And all this with highest customer satisfaction & quality control.

Our Mission

To be the most consumer-oriented company. To produce such products which can facilitate human life with its Technology, low maintenance, durability & competitive pricing. Consumer is the only & final Quality analyst for us.

Our Final Goal

XElectron’s final goal is to reach every Indian household. Whether our product is kept in Kitchen, Living Room, Office or Bedroom but it should be present in every house or office in India.

Latest Launch

In 2009, XElectron was the first brand who had enough courage to launch Digital Photo Frames in Indian market & Now again in September 2019, XElectron have repeated its history of high Tech launches by launching a range of digital photo frames with motion sensor and IPS display technology which produces excellent color contrast and a Wide Angle view that never fades any image view from all possible angles and first time in India we are the one who launched motion sensor technology in digital photo frames category which helps to save a lots of energy. We also launched a whole series of Smart Android Projectors with higher lumens and resolution with two years manufacturer warranty. 2 Models are already launched. Yet more to come.