Explore a wide range of led projectors from the house of XElectron®- leading technology company in India. Buy led projector online in Delhi NCR and India today.

When mobility is key, choose a lightweight and portable led projector from Xelectron. Move your sales presentation from client to client, or share an HD movie with friends across town. Size is not a compromise: Xelectrons ultra-portable projectors feature the versatile connectivity, consistent brightness, and rich colors you expect.

From budget projectors to best-selling ones, we have them all at our portal that will turn any living space into the larger-than-life entertainment centre. All you need to do is determine the usability and accordingly pick from our huge range of projectors available at reasonable prices. When buying one, keep certain parameters into consideration like color, brightness & white brightness, contrast ratio, resolution, ease of use, interactivity and networking. Some of the common types include pocket-sized & home theatres projectors, multimedia and fixed installation projectors.

LED projectors use an LED light source and the LED’s in the projectors mostly have a lifespan of over 20,000 hours. There are no lamps used in LED projectors and so they have a negligible maintenance cost. Browse through the huge array of LED projectors online at Xelectron. LED projectors can be instantly turned off or on and there is no color or image degradation. They are environment friendly and compact in size. The LED projectors at the online store of Xelectron offer features like direct play from USB, supports multiple interfaces (HDMI/VGA/USB/AV/SD Card/audio out) and are extremely portable. If you are looking for features like home theatre projection from DVD, blue ray, set top box and pen drive or even video streaming features, you will get them all at the online shopping store of Xelectron.

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